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    Dear Sirs,

  •   We have always faced and overcome with fierce competition in the center of the rapidly changing market environment by starting up with automobile part manufacturing as our main business unit. By establishing overseas plants we have entered into overseas markets and secured production footholds. And under the slogan "Innovative Creation of the Future" we are ready to take the lead the future in high-growth mobility market and technologies through Navya assembly plant operation located at Jinhae in Korea.

  •   Now, APAM(Autonomous Platform Automotive Manufacturing Corporation) will take a leap forward new business and strengthen the competitiveness in our main business areas, we will continue to grow through constants challenges and efforts.

  •   APAM internally, we will increase the value of the company by nurturing valuable human resources through people-oriented management. In addition, we will strengthen corporate ethical management and become a more innovative organization. Ultimately we will repay our customers with the best quality through quality management.

      We will do our best to become a good company to work for, a company with trust and the best
    company that continues to grow.

    Thank you so much.

      CEO Ji Hun JANG